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Lead Quality Patient Care as a Clinical Care Coordinator with CCNASA

Guiding Excellence in Healthcare Delivery

At CCNASA, we recognize the pivotal role that Clinical Care Coordinators play in ensuring the delivery of high-quality patient care. Join us to embark on a fulfilling journey that values your leadership, fosters your growth, and connects you with career opportunities that make a significant impact. Your career as a Clinical Care Coordinator shines with CCNASA.

Service Inclusions

Leadership Opportunities

CCNASA offers roles that involve leading and coordinating clinical care teams.

Professional Development

Access training and resources to enhance your clinical care coordination skills and stay at the forefront of healthcare practices.

Supportive Community

Join a community of healthcare professionals who share your commitment to delivering excellence in patient care.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand the importance of work-life balance. CCNASA provides flexible scheduling options to suit your lifestyle.

Service Detail

CCNASA provides Clinical Care Coordinators with opportunities to lead and coordinate patient care in various healthcare settings, including:


Oversee clinical care teams, ensuring top-quality patient care, and efficient care delivery.

Aged Care Facilities

Lead clinical care in aged care settings, ensuring the well-being and dignity of elderly residents.

Community Health

Coordinate healthcare services in the community, reaching individuals where they live.

Mental Health Care

Oversee clinical care for patients dealing with mental health challenges, promoting recovery.

Palliative Care

Lead compassionate care for patients in palliative care, ensuring their comfort and quality of life.

Specialised Care

Coordinate care in specialised fields such as critical care, surgery, and more, guiding excellence in patient care.


Choose CCNASA for your Clinical Care Coordinator career because:

Leadership: Clinical Care Coordinators play a critical role in healthcare leadership. CCNASA offers roles that allow you to lead and guide excellence in patient care.
Support: Our team is dedicated to your success. CCNASA offers guidance, resources, and opportunities for professional growth.
Flexibility: Whether you prefer part-time, full-time, or contract work, CCNASA accommodates your preferences.
Quality: CCNASA is renowned for its commitment to excellence, connecting you with reputable healthcare facilities.
Career Progression: With CCNASA, you can continuously develop your skills and advance your career in clinical care coordination.